Hiking and Training portable toilet
Potty Training biodegradable toilet
outdoors portable toilet

What is zPeeDoo ?

zPeeDoo is a convenient and revolutionary portable toilet. Its small size, Eco friendly and biodegradable disposable parts makes it the ultimate portable toilet. It comes in a tiny, light weight pouch (5" diameter and 1.5" thick). The zPeeDoo kit contains reusable parts, biodegradable sanitary bags to be used to line the basket and also includes biodegradable FDA approved wet baby wipes that can be refilled. This innovative patented product is very easy to carry and use.

Possible uses:

  1. Potty Training - Mom or Dad can carry the kit in a backpack or a side bag.
  2. Car Trips - When in transit and a need arises for bathroom use, just pull the basket, line it with a bag and use it.
  3. Perfect for boating, hiking, hunting and all outdoor activities.
  4. Camping - Easy to carry, can be used in a sanitary and private settings.
  5. Concerts - Don't use that nasty toilet seat, use your own portable sanitary toilet.
  6. Disaster relief areas due to earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, floods and other disasters.
  7. Individuals with medical problems, such as:
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • (IBS) Urinary track infections
  • Wheelchair bound individuals
  • Homeless individuals - zPeeDoo has biodegradable products that can be disposed without a worry of long term effect on the environment. Just throw inside the bag the used wipes, close the bag and dispose it.
email us - We know you could use one. info@zPeeDoo.com

zPeeDoo Full Kit

Eco friendly, biodegradable portable toilet

zPeeDoo Helps Every Mother/Parents

Portable toilet can be a life saver for a parent when outdoors. Knowing you have a solution with you at all times..priceless!

Carry zPeeDoo Anywhere

zPeeDoo, so small, so needed. on a boat, even in a port-a-potty use it in a sanitary way and discard it. Fully biodegradable toilet

Don't get frustrated when your kid needs to go

Always be ready with zPeeDoo, at the park or in the car.
Carry it with you in the park, Car trips, Hunting, fishing trip or any outdoor needs
One of a king eco friendly and biodegradable portable toilet, small and light weight

zPeeDoo Video, News, Events...!

Eco friendly and biodegradable portable toilet has unlimited uses, especially when can be easily carried in and on a backpack or a bag.

zPeeDoo Video

Product Guide 
Product usage video is coming soon. We are making all efforts to create informative guide and uses for zPeeDoo.  As you will see zPeeDoo is very versatile product and can be used by almost everyone.

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zPeedoo Uses

zPeeDoo Can be used almost for all outdoor areas, Camping,  Boating, playgrounds, Car trips, Homeless People, Military and more

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