What comes with the zPeeDoo?
  1. As the whole kit is inside the pouch it is easy to carry around in backpack or small bag
  2. The bags (green bags) are biodegradable (5 comes in the kit)
  3. The wet wipes are biodegradable (one pack of 10 count comes in the pouch)
  4. The pouch and the basket are made of durable material and can be reused many times.
  5. The wipes and green biodegradable bags can be replenished after they were used.
What is advantage of zPeeDoo?
  1. It is very small
  2. One size fits all
  3. Easy to carry, very small and light
  4. Patented product
How to use zPeeDoo?
  1. When the need comes to go to the bathroom,  remove the basket and one green bag from the pouch.
  2. Put the bag inside the basket and open it to cover the entire rim of the basket.
  3. Since the basket is elastic, Place the basket between your legs while remaining in a standing position and squeeze it into an oval shape. No squatting needed.
  4. Secure the position of the basket between your legs by holding the front rim with one hand and the back with your other hand.
  5. After the person uses the bag, they can use the included wipes for a final clean up.
  6. Discard the wipes inside the biodegradable bag.
  7. Close the bag and discard it at the nearest garbage bin.
  8. After finishing the wipes and bags, new ones can be purchased and inserted in the pouch.
How long will delivery take?

Orders ship within 3 business days after order is received.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with order conformation. We will then start to prepare your order. Once it has shipped you will receive an email of invoice and tracking number.