zPeeDoo Saves the Day!

All parents have been through it multiple times.  You’re driving along on that 3 hour car trip to grandma, heading for your vacation destination without a pit stop in sight, or stuck in a traffic jam on a major highway and you hear the dreaded words, “Mom, I have to go!  I have to go right NOW!”  What do you do now? Well, you can always press the gas pedal and hope for the best, but that seldom works, particularly if your child has just successfully completed potty training.

Whether you’re just visiting or going on vacation, an accident can ruin a car trip and leave both your child and you feeling frustrated and angry.  You have a mess to clean up; your child is wet or soiled, embarrassed and unhappy.  What a way to start a vacation!  However, don’t despair; there is a way to keep this unfortunate event from ever happening again. zPeeDoo, the perfect portable toilet is available to help you avoid having scenes like these from happening in the future.

What Exactly Is zPeeDoo?

zPeeDoo is a portable toilet that fits right in your purse or side bag and is designed to handle just such emergencies.  It can literally be a lifesaver on a long car trip with a toddler where a hundred different things are occupying your mind, vying for your attention.  You don’t need the added aggravation of having to clean up a toddler who has had an accident or trying to wash down a stained car seat.  That just stretches your overtaxed nerves.

With zPeeDoo, you don’t have to worry about all that because the solution is right at your fingertips.  It’s a quick fix, easy to use and effective. 

zPeeDoo comes in a discrete little pouch you can carry with you in your handbag.  It’s so small that you can take it anywhere and make convenient use of it.  The pouch is about 5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick.  You’ll hardly notice it in your purse, but you’ll appreciate the freedom it gives you.

There’s a basket inside the pouch with biodegradable sanitary bags.  All you need to do is line the basket with one of these bags. When you’re done using the biodegradable wet baby wipes.  Then drop the used wipes inside the plastic bag, shut the bag and dispose of it.  It ‘s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Just relax and enjoy the relief.

No Negative Effects on the Environment

This product is so easy to use that it can serve as a camping toilet, hunting toilet, or just a portable toilet for children.  Outdoors or indoors it won’t let you down.

While the creators of zPeeDoo take great pride in their novel product, they acknowledge that at first there was a downside to the idea.  There would be a waste to dispose of, and the concern was how would that affect the environment.  They were dedicated to making the best product possible, and part of that was making it as eco-friendly as they reasonably could. 

So they put extra time and energy into ensuring that zPeeDoo would do as little damage to the environment as they could manage.   After hours of research, they settled upon the most logical methods of turning this portable toilet into an environmentally safe product with the use of biodegradable consumables.  There are 2 types of components in the kit:

  1. Biodegradable — This means discardable components, which make the bags and the wipes biodegradable.
  2. Multi-use components — Due to their multi-use purpose, the pouch and the basket inside are not biodegradable.

Relax and Enjoy

By using zPeeDoo you will not only be doing your part to keep the environment healthy and clean, but you will be guaranteed to have a safer, happier trip with your family.  With the problem of having to go NOW solved, there’s one less thing you have to worry about, which leaves you able to relax and enjoy those long trips, instead of dreading them.