zPeeDoo for Hunters and Hikers

Hunting Made More Eco-friendly By Using zPeeDoo

If you like the thrill and adventure of hunting, but respect nature and go out of your way to make certain that everything you do in the pursuit of that one big kill is environmentally safe, then here is one more way you haven’t tried yet.  The zPeeDoo portable toilet.  That’s right. 

Now you might argue the point that you aren’t in potty training, but that doesn’t matter.  This is more than your run of the mill portable toilet.  zPeeDoo is an eco-friendly, biodegradable combination of hunting toilet, camping toilet; you can even use it as an aid in potty training. 

No, it won’t help you bag that huge buck you’ve been gunning for, or shoot those ducks out of the sky, but zPeeDoo will play a part in helping to keep your hunting trip comfortable and eco-friendly.

What’s So Great About zPeeDoo

First of all, it is easy on the environment and biodegradable.  Right two advantages should please any hunter who gives more than lip service to wanting to preserve the environment.  Remember that every little thing you do now to keep the environment in good condition will have a long term impact.  That means that even the smallest action cannot be taken for granted.

Also, this product couldn’t be easier to carry or to use.  So you don’t have to go out of your way to do the environment a favor it will appreciate.  Trudging through the wilderness, hiding in a duck blind, crouching behind a bush, it doesn’t matter where you are, zPeeDoo has got you covered.  No awkward fumbling around or hard to figure out instructions, turning what should be a convenience into an irritating chore for you to perform while gritting your teeth.  Plus you’ll have zPeeDoo with you anytime and anywhere you need it because it’s so lightweight that you won’t even realize you’re carrying it around until the time comes to use it.

So the next time you go hunting why not take zPeeDoo the eco-friendly, biodegradable hunting toilet with you and when you get the urge to go, do so in a sanitary, private way.


No Problem to Use

With zPeeDoo you can now have a convenient portable toilet with you at all times, just ready to use when the moment strikes.  It all begins with a tiny pouch no larger than 5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick that you can take with you wherever your destination happens to be, even in the inner reaches of the woods.  Inside you’ll find there isn’t much, but the necessities are included:  a basket along with biodegradable sanitary bags to be used as a lining for the basket.  There are also biodegradable wet baby wipes.

All you need to do is pick a spot to stop, perhaps under the branches of a shady tree somewhere, whip out your pouch, and have at it.  When you’re finished, you can feel fresh again in no time with the use of the baby wipes.  Then place the used wipes inside the plastic, close and dispose of.  It couldn’t be any easier.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

You’ll have a feeling of satisfaction once you try zPeeDoo for the first time and see how well it works.  Plus if you’re a true nature lover and most hunters, you’ll be pleased to have not only a convenient hunting toilet, be one that is eco-friendly too.  After all, if we don’t do our part, but continue to disturb the environment around us, then in the future, there won’t be beautiful places to hunt, fish, hike, etc., and the makers of zPeeDee are determined to do their small part in making sure that doesn’t happen.