zPeeDoo for Potty Training

How Does zPeeDoo Help With Potty Training?

Phew!  It looks like you’ve finally done it.  You’ve conquered potty training your child.  They’ve been accident-free for a week now, and while you’re encouraged, you’re still holding your breath.

Then it happens.  While you’re at the playground or at the park, your child comes to you and informs you that they have to go immediately.  Well, that’s what you’ve trained them to do, tell you when they have to go, and you’ll set up their potty.  Except that you’re not at home and there’s no way you’re going to make it back in time.  Inevitably there’s going to be an accident, and that could ruin your child’s potty training success.

Potty training represents a huge milestone for both children and their parents.  Moreover, while there is no magical secret to achieving success, the two key ingredients are patience and timing.  So you don’t want any accidents to spoil your child’s feeling of doing a good job learning this skill.  Nor do you want to have to deal with an accident and all its repercussions.

The answer to your prayers is zPeeDoo, a convenient portable toilet.  At last, portable potty for the little ones!  No, this isn’t something big and bulky you have to haul out and then put away again.  This potty is perfect for toddlers.  Mom or Dad can actually tote this kit around in a purse or backpack.  zPeeDoo comes in a small pouch you can take anywhere which is about 5″ diameter and 1.5″ thick.

Inside is a basket and biodegradable sanitary bags to line the basket with.  Along with that, you get biodegradable wet baby wipes.  Just toss the used wipes inside the bag, close the bag and dispose of it.

Environmentally Safe
zPeeDoo uses mostly biodegradable products that you can get rid of without being concerned about the long term effect on the environment.  In short, it’s the ultimate portable potty.

The creators of zPeeDoo recognized the nature of the product and became concerned about the waste use of this particular product would cause and its effect on the environment.  So they have designed zPeeDoo to be as Eco-friendly as they could.  They have done their research and determined the most practical ways to use biodegradable, environmentally safe consumables.  The kit has 2 types of components:

  1. Biodegradable — discard able components. The bag and the wipes are biodegradable.
  2. Multi-use components — The pouch and the basket are for multi-use and are not biodegradable.


zPeeDoo also comes in handy as a camping toilet for those who love the outdoors, or a hunting toilet for those who crave the challenge of the hunt.  Not only is it great for those outdoor situations where regular facilities are not available, but it’s sanitary, quick to set up, and Eco-friendly with biodegradable parts, so nature lovers don’t need to be concerned that they will be harming the environment when using it. 

The creators of zPeeDoo care about the environment and know that you do too.  That’s why you can trust this product not only with your personal needs but with the protection of the environment as well.

So for those potty training situations where emergencies crop-up, take zPeeDoo with you whenever you leave the house with your child.  You’ll both be glad you did.  Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that not only did you manage to keep your child clean, dry, and happy, but you’re helping maintain a cleaner and healthier environment every time you use this product.  Moreover, that is a benefit for both your future and that of your child.