zPeeDoo For Campers

zPeeDoo, a Camper’s Best Friend

So you love the outdoors, do you?  You’re one of those people who could spend every single moment outside and be perfectly content.  It’s easy to guess that one of your favorite activities would be camping.  There’s nothing like that feeling of wide open spaces with nothing but nature surrounding you.  All you need is your tent, a few cooking utensils, a nice warm fire, and a camping toilet.  Wait a minute!  That’s the one thing you haven’t thought of.

Of course, you respect the environment and take pains not to disturb Mother Nature when you set up your campsite, but well, when you have to go, you have to go, and that’s that.  You just head off into the woods and do what you have to do.  You try to be discrete and thoughtful, but a portable toilet?  That’s asking too much — an extra burden for you to carry along with you when you’re trying to keep things light.

No, don’t dismiss the idea right away.  You haven’t yet heard of zPeeDoo, the camping toilet that really isn’t a toilet at all, but a novel way of disposing of human waste in a neat, sanitary, and eco-friendly manner.  It can be used for camping, as a hunting toilet, even for the dreaded potty training.

Don’t think camping needs portable toilet? well look no further and see the list of top celebrities that love to camp. we are sure they would love to use a sanitary toilet solution.

How Does It Work?

It’s really rather simple, fast, and efficient.  No plastic seats to carry around and try and find a discrete place to put down.  Using zPeeDoo is as easy as unwrapping a small package. 

That’s because zPeeDoo comes in a small pouch you can carry anywhere and use conveniently.  The entire pouch is about 5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick.  You can slip it in your backpack and go hiking, exploring whatever suits your fancy and not even know it’s there.

Inside the pouch there’s a basket and biodegradable sanitary bags.  You just line the basket with these easy to use bags, and when you’re finished using the biodegradable wet baby wipes toss the used wipes inside the bag, close the bag and dispose of it.  The perfect camping toilet!

Environmentally Safe

The creators of zPeeDoo realized that their product had a downside. That was the effect the amount of waste using it would have on the environment. They were very concerned about making zPeeDoo as eco-friendly as it could possibly be.  So they took pains to design zPeeDoo so that it would do the least harm to the environment as was practical for a product of this type.  They took the time and made an effort to research and find the most sensible ways to use biodegradable and environmentally safe consumables in this camping toilet.  The kit consists of 2 types of components:

  1. Biodegradable — This is referring to discardable components. Which means the bag and the wipes are biodegradable.
  2. Multi-use parts — Because the pouch and the basket are made for the multi-use purpose they are not biodegradable.

Outdoors and Free

When you go camping you want to enjoy yourself and not be encumbered by extra baggage.  Some food, water, a sleeping bag and you don’t really need much else.  Have to go to the bathroom?  Just find a bush.  Sure, that’s the easy solution, but with zPeeDoo you can be eco-friendly and sanitary at the same time.  It’s no more trouble using this camping toilet than the other way, but you will be refreshed and clean while preserving the environment.  Plus, you’ll be investing in a product of which the creators are sensitive to the needs of the environment, and supportive of doing everything they can to protect it. 

With zPeeDoo you’ll be doing your part to keep the environment healthy and thriving so that all that natural beauty you love so much will be around for future generations to enjoy.