zPeeDoo Concerts and Music festivals

zPeeDoo Won’t Let the Show Be Spoiled for You

It happens universally.  You’re comfortably seated at a play, a concert, or a show, and suddenly you need to use the bathroom, desperately.  You hate to leave your seat and miss even a minute of your favorite musician’s performance, or the funniest play you’ve seen in years, but nature calls and you must answer accordingly.  Darn, you regret drinking that extra-large soda, but you were just so thirsty at the time you couldn’t resist.  Unlike your toddler at home, you have definitely been through potty training, and an accident will not be cute.

So with a sigh, off you go to tend to business.  You’re already frustrated and agitated by the time you find the restroom, but to add insult to injury, there are only 3 working toilets, and the line is all the way down the hall.  You’ve already missed 10 minutes of your concert and the time for your return doesn’t look promising.  Defeated, you slump off to the end of the line and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

By the time you return to your seat, your companion informs you that the musician has just finished playing your favorite song of theirs and now it’s time for intermission.  How could this have all been avoided?  With the use of zPeeDoo, a portable toilet that works like magic.  Just open up, use and toss.

Now, of course, you can’t use it right at your seat.   You still have to find a discrete location, but this can be anywhere within reason.  Your car or van for example.  It doesn’t matter, because when you have to go, you have to go.


zPeeDoo Makes Everything Faster

zPeeDoo is made small, so it can easily be carried about in your purse or side bag, and it’s designed for efficiency and eco-friendliness.  It has multiple uses too.  It can be ideal for potty emergencies such as occur at concerts, movies, plays, etc.  It can also be used as a camping toilet or hunting toilet, and even as an aid in potty training.

It’s actually so tiny that there’s almost nowhere you can’t take it and make convenient use of it.  The pouch is about 5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick.  You’ll forget you have it on you, but you’ll love having it available for emergencies.

The basket which is inside the pouch has biodegradable sanitary bags. Simply line the basket with one of the bags and when you’re finished use the biodegradable wet baby wipes.  Then put the used wipes inside the bag, close the bag and dispose of it.  Easy, fast, and effective.  Now go back and enjoy whatever you were doing.


Environmentally Sound

If you’re worried about the negative effects using this product might have on the environment, you needn’t be.  Not only have the creators of zPeeDoo designed a product they are proud to offer the public, but they’ve done all they can to eliminate any problematic environmental hitches.  They knew that the waste would have taken care somehow, and they wanted to be as gentle on the environment as possible.  Just as they worked hard to create an appealing product to sell, they devoted their energies to making that product eco-friendly.  This was a concern that remained on their minds until they came up with the best solution.  The kit has 2 types of components:

  1. Biodegradable components — The focus was on making the bags and wipes biodegradable.
  2. Multi-use components — Because they are multi-use the pouch and the basket contained inside are not biodegradable.


Problems Solved

With the use of the zPeeDoo product, your emergency bathroom needs will be solved along with the needs of the environment.  You will have a more pleasant experience just about anywhere you go without having to worry about sudden urges to go, no more missing out on your favorite songs or movie parts because of long lines at the restroom, no more inconveniencing yourself or others.  You’re done with all that forever!  Plus,  you can rest assured that your use of this portable toilet is not harming the environment.